The following is a list of music appearing in The Lawl Before Time and Lawl of Thrones.


Menu Music List

Moveset Music List

  1. Curious George: Toy Story Activity Center Soundtrack - Credits
  2. Azula: Dark Cloud Soundtrack - Ice Queen
  3. Ghost Rider: Dark Cloud Soundtrack - The King's Curse
  4. Gumby: Gex: Enter the Gecko OST - Toon TV
  5. New Lara Croft: Gex: Enter the Gecko OST - Towering Temple
  6. Sofia the First: Gex: Enter the Gecko OST - Hunting Season
  7. Iago: Okage Shadow King OST: Gutten Kisling
  8. Gon: Shrek 2 Game Soundtrack - 01. Swamp Theme
  9. The Blues Brothers: Okage Shadow King OST: At the Bar
  10. Wedding Peach: Happy Wedding
  11. Three Stooges: Shrek 2 Game Soundtrack - 03. Chicken Mini-Game
  12. Chicken Little: Shrek 2 Game Soundtrack - 32. Potion Room
  13. Blue Man Group: Gex: Enter the Gecko OST - Menu
  14. Doraemon: DJ SIMON - air (HQ)
  15. Gex the Gecko: D-Crew - Be Lovin' (Long Version) DDR!
  16. Malware: PARANOiA - 180 (HQ)
  17. Daft Punk:
  18. Mr. Peabody and Sherman: Dark Cloud Soundtrack - "Ocean and Moon"
  19. Team Chaotix: Theme of Don'trel Dolphin, the
  20. Emma Frost:
  21. Spock:
  22. Sakura Kasugano: PAPAYA - PINK DINOSAUR (HQ)
  23. Ibuki:
  24. Yuffie Kisaragi: Colors (For extreme)
  25. Vincent Valentine: Daikenkai (Original Full Version)
  26. Kakashi Hatake:
  27. Ino Yamanaka:
  28. Hinata Hyuga: Baby Baby Gimme Your Love- DIVAS
  29. Mighty Max: Dark Cloud Soundtrack - "Owl Forest"
  30. Helena Douglas:
  31. Kokoro: jun - Sweet Sweet ♥ Magic (HQ)
  32. King Hippo:
  33. Revy: Dark Cloud Soundtrack - "A Sinking Ship"
  34. Skulduggery Pleasant: Dark Cloud Soundtrack - "Castle of Dark Heaven"
  35. Raziel:
  36. Saber (Fate/Stay Night):
  37. Shura Kirigakure:
  38. Zatanna:
  39. Tai Lung:
  40. TBA
  41. TBA
  42. TBA
  43. TBA

Empy Slot Moveset Music List

Other Music



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