Lawl of Thrones

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Welcome to Lawl of Thrones. The title was taken after the HBO television series "Game of Thrones" and will not to be confused. The first time, I made it's page on Universe of Smash bros Lawl wikia. It's the fictional videogame based on Chincherrinas' Super Smash Bros Lawl. It's much like Super Smash Bros, but with different characters, stages and in a more mature way.


  1. No Speculation or unconfirmed things in the pages, this includes characters, move effects, and videos.
  2. Don't present subjective opinions in pages e.g. "Fighting Characters aren't allowed in your Lawl spin-off!", you can post things such as "???"
  3. Don't add your own spin-offs here. Just put it in World of smash Bros Lawl or Universe of Smash Bros Lawl.
  4. Developing more rules

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