Lawl of Stone

Lawl of Stones is an April Fools series inspired by super smash bors lawl noba, created by Nostalgia Skapokon.


These characters are ment to be put in april fools moveset.


  1. Edarem
  2. Bloody Mary
  3. Wedding Chi-Chi
  4. Wedding Kurumi
  5. Flying Spaghetti Monster
  6. Hillory Clinton
  7. Donald Trump
  8. Wrath
  9. Eduard Khil
  10. Snoop Dogg
  11. Cold Heart
  12. Sanic
  13. Illuminati
  14. Shotacon
  15. Princess Serenity
  16. Noseybonk
  17. Hagoromo
  18. Uboa
  19. Melies Moon
  20. Yee


  • TBA

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